Parental Pathways is simple and straightforward, we offer a ‘Three E’ approach:

Education (both theoretical and experiential) is key in understanding human behaviour and lends itself to becoming more attuned parents.

Equip parents with the communication skills of empathy, mindfulness, reflectivity and psychological mindedness, which all add to the creation of more responsive parents.

Empower parents through a combination of knowledge and skills to become the best parents they can be. Empowerment also creates awareness that a reservoir of personal resources is available from which to draw upon across the lifespan of parenthood.



Parental Pathways aims to educate, equip and empower parents to find pleasure in parenting – one of life’s most wonderful and rewarding experiences.

Responding to the complexities of parenting in the 21st century – with a back drop of the fast-moving, technological age – parents are feeling more social isolation and increasing anxieties about their parenting capacity. The Parental Pathways approach is underpinned by research in the fields of attachment theory, child development, neuroscience and psychoanalytic concepts. Ample research indicates that securely attached children are better equipped for modern life and our aim is to help the family unit, parents and children, to relate better and lead a happier family life together.


Watch the following link which captures the key to secure parenting.

The Circle of Security