As we gaze into the eyes of our tiny children, how often do we realise that we’re raising the parents of tomorrow? It’s a heavy concept to get your head around – and we could be for forgiven for taking the psychological concept of ‘early intervention’ a little to far, but that’s exactly what Parental Pathways is all about. This concept motivates our philosophy to educate, equip and empower parents.

When you become an adult there’s certain licences you need to apply for and receive approval. Driving licence, marriage licence, pet ownership licence, hunting licence, boating licence – but there’s no parenting licence. No such requirement exists, as it’s such a natural and instinctive part of life. We’re not advocating a world where parents are subject to rigorous tests or meddling micro-management from outside sources, but we do envisage a world where parents are empowered to reach their full potential and derive the most pleasure from parenting and one way to do that is to educate parents and equip parents with the necessary skills and know-how.

On a daily basis we hear from parents first-hand about their high levels of anxiety and low self-confidence in their ability to be “good parents”. How often have these thoughts crossed your mind as a parent? We hear about confusion and isolation about the uncertainty of everyone’s journey as a parent – the template of what’s come before (our own experience of childhood with our parents) often fails to meet the demands of parenting in the 21st century and that’s absolutely fine! Parenting today is a complex process and one that takes a bit of learning, amidst a world clogged with differing parenting advice where it’s difficult for parents to discern which approach or advice is best for them.

Parental Pathways is simple and straightforward, we offer a ‘Three E’ approach:

Education (both theoretical and experiential) is key in understanding human behaviour and lends itself to becoming more attuned parents.

Equip parents with the communication skills of empathy, mindfulness, reflectivity and psychological mindedness, which all add to the creation of more responsive parents.

Empower parents through a combination of knowledge and skills to become the best parents they can be. Empowerment also creates awareness that a reservoir of personal resources is available from which to draw upon across the lifespan of parenthood.

The programme Parental Pathways uses as a base (The Lighthouse-MBT Parenting Programme) not only incorporates these ‘Three E’s but is research-informed, drawing from the fields of attachment theory and neuroscience, having been designed in collaboration with The Anna Freud Centre in London.

We both have facilitated this programme over the past number of years and have found really positive results from parents, experiencing either current difficulties or longer-term maintenance of parent-child relationships. You can never stop learning


Your future wealth and mental health is in your hands, trust us!

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