Teaching and learning can be stressful experiences for teachers and students, never more so than in an age where academic performance and top results are one of the main drivers within the educational system. This in turn leads to increased workloads, additional admin responsibilities, higher expectations and greater accountability. All of these factors combine, impacting teaching staff on a regular basis. This programme is designed to support teachers’ well-being, in keeping with the newly-implemented well-being programme for students. Backed by research studies in the fields of Attachment Theory, Neuroscience, Adolescent Development and Organisational Dynamics, the aim of our programme is to provide information and skills on the benefits of self care and reflective practice,as an integral part of stress management and maintenance of resilient mental health by educating, equipping and empowering teaching staff.

“Well-being starts with the staff. They are at the front line of the work and it’s hard for them to be genuinely motivated to promote emotional and social well-being of others if they feel uncared for and burnt out themselves” (Junior cycle Well-being Guidelines 3.2 p.29) Our programme will provide a necessary foundation, building better coping strategies and enabling teaching staff to manage the naturally occurring rigors of the job. Experience of academic and social learning is an emotional one. Teaching staff require support and the tools to manage the emotional engagement required in meeting the learning needs of students. Anxiety is also a natural part of the learning endeavor. The key to effective stress management lies in the teacher’s ability to manage and contain high levels of anxiety so that learning can take place and this programme specifically addresses those needs.

Delivered in groups of 12, consists of six-weekly, 90 minute modules, each module has a specific focus designed to maximize the available learning opportunity and covers a range of material to support the teacher’s self-care. Programme delivery will consist of didactic input as well as practice and skill development. All reading materials, handouts and links to relevant articles will be provided to support attendees throughout the programme.

A copy of the Programme e-Booklet is available here; Wellbeing for Teachers e-Book

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