• Mentalization Based Therapy Practitioner (Anna Freud Centre, London)
  • Group Analyst H. Dip (London Institute of Group Analysis)
  • Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. M.Sc. Trinity College
  • Clinical Supervisor. Post Grad
  • Diploma in Clinical Supervision from Psychology Dept. Trinity College
  • Training Group Analyst Status (Awarded by IIGA, Irish Institute of Group Analysts)

Therapist Trainer:
Lecturer in Maynooth National University in Guidance Counselling. Lecturer in Psychopathology for four years on three separate courses in Dublin Business. Lecturer, Trainer, Clinical Supervisor and M.Sc. Co-ordinator of the M.Sc. Training in Group Analysis in University College Dublin and the School of Psychotherapy in St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Elm Park, Dublin 4. Training in Mentalization and Attunement for parents, adolescents, and teacher teams and guidance counsellors and outreach support to School Programmes. Trained in the Child Attachment Interview with the Anna Freud Centre. Currently training with Fonagy and Bateman from the Anna Freud Centre in London on Mentalization Based Therapy and its applications.

Therapeutic services:
These include therapy for individuals, couples, children and adolescents and psychotherapy groups for children, adolescents. The Circle of Security, parents support groups. Parent and baby/child psychotherapy. Attachment and attunement sessions for parents and babies as part of The Early Intervention Programme. This includes parent/s and baby psychotherapy sessions. It also includes Mother and Baby Attachment and Attunement groups.

Of Applied Group Dynamics to organisations, within private and public sectors. Provision of Team Development/Team Dynamics Training. Clinical Supervision to individual psychologists and therapists, Clinical Group supervision to professionals, working with groups, particularly Group Analysts. Consultation to mental health teams.

Professional Experience:
Former Director of the Group Analytic Practice. Former senior psychotherapist to the C.A.R.I. (Children At Risk in Ireland) Foundation, providing therapeutic services to children and their families who had experienced CSA (Child Sexual Abuse), Outreach training workshops to Secondary Schools to adolescents around relationships and sexuality, professional consultation and clinical supervision to therapists, teachers and social workers dealing with CSA and interagency meetings and consultations. Former therapist One in Four, Provision of Clinical Supervision Service through Odyssey Supervision Service to a variety of professionals with the private and public health care sectors.

Clinical Papers:
In 2010 co-presented a paper at the EGATIN Study days in Athens on Death and Rebirth. In 2011 presentation of a clinical paper to the graduating students of the Training in Group Supervision at the IGA London, in Daleham Gardens. The paper was titled “The Insulating Capacity of Group Supervision to Defend Against the Emergence of the Schizoid State.” Continued work on areas of special interest, Including the impact of unconscious psychodynamics on the mental states of front line trauma teams dealing with psychopathology including forensic and domestic violence.