About the Programme

CPRT is an evidenced based ten week parent training programme, the primary focus of which is enhancing and deepening parent-child relationship by equipping parents with basic child-centered play therapy skills, to be practised during weekly 30 minute “special playtimes” in the family home. This programme is based on the rationale that the relationship between parent and child is the essential and curative means for improving and correcting children’s problems and preventing the development of future difficulties. In short, where parents are emotional allies to their children they can often act as agents of change. Other parenting models rely on the development of verbal skills, involving family discussions to resolve problems, whereas CPRT relies on the child’s natural means of communication of play as the primary method to release the child’s inner directional, constructive, forward – moving, creative, and self – healing abilities. (Landreth & Brattan, 2006)

What are the objectives of special play times:


  •  Establishing an atmosphere of consistency and predictability
  •  Understanding and accepting the child’s world
  •  Encourage the expression of the child’s emotional world
  •  Establishing a feeling of freedom
  •  Facilitating decision making by the child
  •  Providing the child with an opportunity to assume responsibility and develop a feeling of control.