About the Programme

Becoming a parent involves an enormous intergenerational shift. During pregnancy we are looking back at the child we were while simultaneously looking forward through the doorway to the future and the parent we are becoming. Parental pathways acknowledges attachment relationships begin early and not just when babies arrive. Being an expectant parent signals a developmental transition and with it numerous emotions. Experiencing pregnancy can be a time of great excitement or anxiety or at times a mixture of both. During this time, the expectant parent/s attachment relationships will rise to the surface and may generate additional excitement or anxiety as the reality of becoming a parent emerges.

Services We Offer

Parental Pathways appreciates this early phase of the parent / child journey by making available individual and group Psychoeducational sessions specifically tailored to attend to the early building of attachment relationships.

Adult Attachment Interview (AAI)

AAI is a measure of the parent’s attachment to the baby before birth. Parents who undergo the AAI have an opportunity to begin thinking and reflecting and working on changing the type of attachment that they have experienced. Particularly where there has been attachment trauma, also known as Disorganised Attachment. Research indicates that the AAI administered in the 3rd trimester is an accurate predictor for the type of attachment that the child will have developed by the first years of life.