About the Programme

The Lighthouse© MBT-Parenting Programme has been developed in collaboration with the Anna Freud Centre. The model aims to enhance parents’ capacity to mentalize and in particular to mentalize their children, to enhance attunement in parent-child relationships, to promote secure attachment.  The programme explicitly trains parents to mentalize their children and relationships with their children (meaning to understand their children’s stage of development, view of the world, their feelings, wishes and desires, and emotional needs). To find out more about mentalization, click here;


Programme Aims

  • Help you develop a greater understanding of your child to enable you see him in clearer light so that you can better understand his needs, feelings, thoughts and desires. In short, so you can hold him secure in your mind.
  • Help you to see yourself more clearly, so that you can understand what can get in the way of a clear-sighted view of your child.
  • Help you and your child find joy in the growth and exploration of your relationship with each other and with the world.

Programme takes place bi-weekly over six  Saturdays from 10.00am – 4.00pm. The next programme takes place in early 2018

Venue;    Dublin

Limited places. To find out more and to reserve your place on the early 2018 programme, email info@parentalpathways.ie


Background to the Programme

The model is adapted from a therapeutic approach called Mentalization (founded by Professors Peter Fonagy and Antony Bateman, Anna Freud Centre). It is underpinned by research in the fields of attachment, child development and neuroscience. It uses core psychoanalytic concepts offering insight into how minds and relationships work.

All Lighthouse images © Gerry Byrne and Jane Ray