About the Programme

MBT-A is a psycho-educational group for developing the Mentalization capacities of adolescents. Research has proven adolescence is a time of enormous transition where individuals are caught between lost childhood and as yet unrealised adulthood. Adolescents often experience these years as the most conflict laden, bewildering and challenging of all as do parents. This is a period of new kinds of friendship, developing sexuality, negotiating power and authority, changing interests and emerging separation anxieties, leaving the adolescent unsure about their internal resources and capacities to meet the world. Here at Parental Pathways we offer psycho-educational programmes to help adolescents deepen their understanding of this turbulent time.


To understand more about the essence of adolescence watch this short video from Dan Siegel. Dan focuses on the core aspects of the changes in adolescence that are also the essential ways for adults to live a full and vital life. These four elements are: Emotional Spark, Social Engagement, Novelty and Creative Exploration.

Dan Siegel: The Essence of Adolosence