Web resources

Ted Talk- What makes a good life? Robert Waldinger
Building Adult Capabilities to improve child outcomes
Circle of Security - Connection
Tronick Still Face Paradigm
Attachment in Mothers & Babies
Integrating the Two Hemispheres of our Brains
The Essence of Adolescence

Book Resources

Reflective parenting
Alastair Cooper & Sheila Redfern
Understanding your Baby
Sophie Boswell | 2004
Understanding your 1-Year-Old
Sarah Gustavus Jones | 2004
Understanding Your 2-Year-Old
Lisa Miller | 200
Understanding Your 3-Year-Old
Louise Emmanuel | 2005
Understanding 4/5-Year-Olds
Lesley Moroni | 2007
Understanding 6-7-Year-Old
Corinne Aves | 2006
Understanding 8/9-Year-Olds
Biddy Youell | 2008
Understanding 10/11-Year-Olds
Rebecca Bergese | 2008
Understanding 12/14-Year-Olds
Margot Wassell